Fulvia's Birthday party
These are the pictures of Fulvia's birthdayparty. If you can still see the flash of my camera in your eyes, I'm very sorry... If you don't like your picture, I can be bribed... anyway, these are not even the worst ones.
Don't be so serious Thijs, it's a party!
The DJ knows where to find inspiration!
And there is our birthday girl! Moving graciously to Daniele's beats...
I made a technical mistake here, it turned out a bit spooky...
So many beautiful girls, but Thijs only cares about his music.
You don't wanna be around when Thijs get's hungry!
I think this could be a beer commercial.
Sandor never minds being flashed!
You give away your camera for 10 seconds and this is what you get!
Nello is charming the ladies...
Jerome got stuck in a traffic jam and didn't arrive untill 02:30 or so.....somehow he managed to get as drunk as me though.
I don't know why but for some reason this is one of my favorites.
Slowly the party is getting started...
Notice the bottle of wine...
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